Farmer’s Wife Quilt, Blocks 1-5

I finally started my Farmer’s Wife quilt. I finally got all of the templates printed, cut out and organized into groups of 15 or so. And in little baggies. I got five blocks done in one day! I cut out most of another (number seven, because I’m washing the fabrics for number 6)

My piecing, as you’ll see, is looking a little off in spots. Cutting out the templates is way different than what I’m used to. And I wish I had a huge stash of the latest modern fabrics to choose from. Or even one whole line. That’d be awesome. Maybe one day. But for now, I’m using what I have. Here are my first five blocks.

This is my only piece of Lizzy House (poor me) and I’ve been hoarding it for a few months. I’m sure these hedgehogs will pop up again soon.

My Basket of Fish (minus the handle.)

I may have to re do this. :/

And last, but not least, the happy swastika.

I’m very much enjoying the Farmer’s Wife so far. I’ve decided to not say anything about it in my traditional guild until it’s done. Then I can whip it out and dazzle them all. Bwhahaha.

Let me know what you think! And I’d appreciate any tips or tricks you have!



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5 responses to “Farmer’s Wife Quilt, Blocks 1-5

  1. Sandra

    I made my first five blocks too. Will post them in a day or two. This is great. Did you have trouble getting #1 block together. I did by using templates and finally did paper pieceing on that block and #5 but did templates on the rest. You can join Yahoo Farmers wife sampler for free. They have some great tips and hints and paper piecing sheets and templates on just 15 pages etc. Lots of nice ladies and very helpful.

    • I actually didn’t have much trouble with #1. I did have to redo one of the large triangles because I sewed the seam allowance a little too big. But that’s the second time I’ve done it. When I first got the book (a long time ago) I did that one for fun and it did not turn out well. I can’t remember if I used templates or if I just fudged the measurements on my own then.

  2. I love the little hedgehog in the first one.

  3. Ivy

    Happy Swastika? That’s the name of it? You’re killing me lol!

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