Riff-Raffle Quilt

I finished something! Well, a top at least. A top out of blocks that other people made… Shut up, I’m happy.

My traditional quilt guild has a block of the month raffle every meeting. Each month you buy instructions and background fabric for one block. Then you add your own fabric to complete it and the next month everyone who made a block is entered to win them all. Two months ago I won! I got about 36 blocks in all, enough for a twin sized quilt. AND I actually really liked the blocks. They were from a pattern by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle called Fabric Fusion. I received enough white fabric to finish the quilt and the full instructions for it.

From the start, I thought that adding slightly wider sashing and making the blocks square was what I wanted to do. Then I’d be able to flip the blocks 90 degrees instead of 180.

I intend to use the quilt for myself (my husband and I can’t share blankets, so a twin is fine for my side of the bed) so I need to add some borders. Given the scrappy nature of the quilt, and the fact that I didn’t pick out all but a few of the fabrics, I wasn’t too picky in picking border fabrics. I mostly picked fabrics I either used to like, or like but never had a use for. That’s where I got the name, I used the riff raff of my stash. (I don’t usually name quilts, but that just popped in my head)

So here it is! Along with my cute helpers, Josie and her best friend Abi. It was really windy and they were very excited about being on the Internet.

And just to give equal kid time, here’s a picture of what happens when you lay out blocks with a Henry on the loose.

For some reason, every time I put anything flat on the floor, he feels like it’s his duty to dance and roll around on it. Maybe it’s because there’s rarely enough room to do that unless I’ve cleared the floor to make room to lay something flat…

But at least he enjoys my hobby.








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2 responses to “Riff-Raffle Quilt

  1. Ivy

    Wow, all those fabrics do look nice together! Your kids are cuties :)

  2. lol <3 I love how he rolled himself up in it.

    It looks AMAAHZING

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