Barrette Holder Tutorial

I’ve had this idea in my head for a bit. Slap some fabric onto a premade canvas (I bought mine at WalMart in a three pack), add ribbons and viola, no more barrettes all over the place.

I finally did it yesterday.

I took pictures.

All you need is:

A canvas panel

A piece of fabric one in larger on all sides than your canvas base

A piece of quilt batting the same size as your base (you could probably skip this, but I found that having a bit of squish helps when closing the barrettes on the ribbons)


A heavy duty stapler/staple gun


See that stuff? That’s what you need.

Lay your fabric right side down, put the batting on top, then the canvas right side down on top of it. Fold the fabric, one side at a time and staple as you go. Fold the corners as you come to them so they don’t stick out past the edges.

Cut the ribbon to the length and amount desired. Staple to the back in whatever pattern you want, but weave them a bit so that barrettes won’t slide down.

Add a loop for headbands.

Add your barrettes and slap that sucker on the wall.

I probably should add that you’ll want to iron your fabric first. But I’m hoping that being next to the shower will steam those wrinkles out.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you do this and how it turns out.


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  1. I need to do this so badly. It would look and work great with the oatmeal container headband holder I made. LOVE the loop for headbands, btw, fantastic touch!

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