QuiltCon Wrap-up (Part one, pictures)

It’s been almost a month since QuiltCon and my life has finally settled down enough to write about it. Getting back into the whole adult-with-kids-who-need-fed thing was pretty hard. Who knew that four days of ”Okay girls, where should we eat?” would spoil me so much and undo so many years of conditioning? I swear, it was nearly bedtime before I thought about dinner for almost a week.

But my kids didn’t miss me at all. The had a grandmother with them. She took them shopping and to McDonald’s. (Seriously though, I can’t thank my mother-in-law enough for coming up to stay with the kids while I was gone. I wouldn’t have been able to go without her help.)

So, yeah, I had fun!

Me at the Stitch Lab booth

…And so did my mom.


I really wish I had taken more pictures of people! I went with my mother and we stayed with a wonderful group of women that I have known for nearly two years, from a swap group. I have some crappy cell phone pictures of them, but we never even took a group shot. And I met so many friends at the show and only have a few pictures. I did load up my camera with quilts, though.

We’ll start with the best, of course.


“i Quilt” by Kathy York was the Best in Show. I do remember seeing this online somewhere and loving it, but thinking, Oh, I could’ve done that! But up close this quilt was something else. It was just perfect. The straight line quilting was phenomenal. No distortion whatsoever. The back was pieced.

Back of the Best in Show

And look closely at the top. THE SLEEVE IS PIECED. The hanging sleeve matches the freakin back. I couldn’t believe it. I was blown away by such attention to detail.

Best in Show

I had so many favorites! I tried to take a picture of all of the placards that went with the quilts, but at times I was in such a hurry to see everything that I didn’t get close enough. I’ll try to label them all correctly.

Improv Double Wedding Ring by Natalie of Greenleafgoods


I’ve seen this one online, and I always thought it was appliqued, but it’s not, which is awesome. Check out Natalie’s blog post to see the quilting up close.

I’m uncertain of the title for this one, but it’s Victoria Findlay-Wolfe.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

I can’t even find the right words for how much I love this one. The improv! The quilting! The colors! The binding! *happy sigh*

”Funky Junk” by Renee Tallman



I really love the story behind this one. (Follow the link)

“Ceiling Tiles” by Amy Garro


“Indie” by Phoebe Harrell

Indie by Phoebe Harrell

This is retro as hell.

“City Center” by Angie Henderson


“Blocks From the Crayon Box” by Carolyn Griffith


“Tidy Towns: Irish Houses” by Andrew Steinbrecher


“Diamond Dust” by Doris Brunette


The quilting on this is phenomenal.

Oh my goodness, there are so many pictures! I’m going to wrap this up for now and post more later.



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2 responses to “QuiltCon Wrap-up (Part one, pictures)

  1. Carrie

    Was I at the same QUILTCON? I’m so glad you and others have posted awesome photos because I really don’t think I saw half of these. Also, your shot of the “I quilt ” opened my eyes to the large light colored I in the center. Didn’t see that.

  2. Looks like you were drawn to the curvies. There are some cool boxy ones in here too. Thanks for sharing the pix!

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