Sew is a Verb

If there is one thing that makes my eyes twitch, it’s blatant misuse of the English language. And if there’s one thing that quilters apparently love, it’s replacing the word ‘so’ with the word ‘sew,’ especially when it comes to quilt stores.


(Yes, I’m Rarity. She’s fabulous and she sews. #spiritpony)

I’m willing to bet you’ve run across these stores:

Sew Many Friends (I don’t think my friends would like that)

Sew Unique (No. No you’re not)

Sew Amazing. Sew Special. SEW FREAKING AWESOME! (I made that one up, I’ve never seen it)

Sew Much More gets a pass because you can actually sew much more.

I mean, if you’ve got great fabric, I’m going to go there and shop. But every time I have to say the name of your store I’m likely to make a face like this:


I just noticed how much Kristen’s boob is hanging out in this gif. Oh well. It’s there, I’m leaving it.

I’ve also run across people online who think that just because a conversation is about sewing they must replace ‘so’ with ‘sew.’

“Oh, that is sew cute!” “You did sew good!”

Major eye twitch right there. Two, actually.

I mean, I know there are worse things, like replacing the C in Country with a K so you can name your restaurant Kountry Kitchen. Or not knowing the difference between their, there, and they’re. Txting lik dis. Uniquely spelled baby names. Using good instead of well. Moths.

But this is a sewing blog. Maybe we’ll get to those later.

I guess I don’t really have much more to say about this. My point is just this: Sew is a verb. You can sew. You can’t so. So is an adverb. It’s used to describe verbs. You sew so well.


So there.









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4 responses to “Sew is a Verb

  1. Absynaesthene

    I enjoyed your post. I have pet language peeves too, and I have to say that although I’m not ready to join the Grammar Police, I seem to find too much reading material (Internet and otherwise) that bugs me. Certain computer grammar and spell checkers make me cringe. I’m talking about Ginger, the plug-in here. It, Ginger, makes me crazy sometimes. It has a serious problem understanding that “your” should not to be replaced by “you” and “are” really cannot be replaced by “is”. Nor does it understand that “its” cannot be replaced by “it’s”. I suppose that Ginger thinks that ‘it’s’ greater than the sum of ‘its’ parts.
    I didn’t notice the womanly exposure issue in the animated GIF file. All I could see was that FACE. :P

  2. I hate this so much. See how I didn’t say “sew much” there? It makes me cringe, especially in blogs. It’s not funny, it’s just plain annoying. Last time I left a message like this about so/sew, someone who’s blog was called Sew Something or Other (instead of So) contacted me… ah well!. The one that gets me the most is the misuse of the apostrophe. “I took some photo’s.” No, you didn’t, you bloody didn’t, they’re photos, no apostrophe! Makes me want to scream at them. Sometimes they even mix their plurals “there were glasses and plates and menu’s on the table”. What?? It’s so easy too, more than one = s = no apostrophe!!
    Phew, rant over!

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