“Diamonds and Bowties”

I love Joel Dewberry.

This year for Christmas I got an Amazon.com gift card from my in-laws. I was thrilled when I found a fat quarter pack of Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill on Amazon for sixty bucks. Of course, I bought it. But it sat unused (un-opened, even!) for months while I looked for the perfect pattern. I didn’t want to cut it up too small, since there were so many awesome big prints. I finally saw a pattern that I knew I could replicate, but by the time I got around to sketching it out I got it all wrong and came up with this:

"Diamonds and Bowties" by Melissa of Tension Issues

I can’t wait to quilt it. I plan on incorporating the diamonds and bowties thing into the negative space and trying out some fun stuff on the prints.

"Diamonds and Bowties" by Melissa of Tension Issues

I’ve also got quite a bit leftover, so I’m thinking I’ll need to make a matching pillow or mini.

What do you think? Have you ever risked a line you loved on your own pattern?



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2 responses to ““Diamonds and Bowties”

  1. Not yet -too chicken;)-but it’s coming. Kudos to you for being brave -looks great.

  2. Kimber-Wimber

    Keep making, keep taking chances, you got this!

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