“Eat Pork” Quilt

Occasionally, I’m brilliant.

Some friends of ours recently got married, and their reception is today. They do competition BBQ. They’re really good at it, check them out.

So anyway, of course we needed a gift. Luckily, I can make things. I had the idea to turn this:  Pork-Chart_Article-668x419

Into this:

"Eat Pork" Quilt by Melissa of Tension Issues

I love it. I know that usually people wait til they get home to open wedding gifts, but I’m making them open it right there, as soon as I give it to them. I can’t wait. I’m also going to make one for myself. I’ll probably end up making a chicken and cow one as well.

Here’s how I did it.

First, I quilted the background. It was tedious, and I won’t do it again. But I did get to use that little line marking tool. I thought it was a seam presser until I saw a picture on Instagram of one. It worked really well. I kept my lines straight, and I didn’t have to erase anything after.


Then I took the image above, of the pig, enlarged it, printed it out, and cut it up.


Next, I fused Wonder Under onto my fabric and cut out the shapes.


After I fused them onto the background, I free motion quilted around each piece and between them all.

"Eat Pork" Quilt by Melissa of Tension Issues

I also added a little ‘eat pork’ detail, and quilted the tail on. I thought about using rick rack for the tail, but I thought that might be too cutesy.



I think the back looks pretty cool too. I forgot to take the picture before I sewed the sleeve on.


There you go! I’m insanely happy about it. Tickled pink, you might say. Happier than a pig in… well, you know.

I hope the happy couple loves it as much as me.

Thanks for reading!



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