My Scrappy Trip is quilted

I finally got my scrappy trip around the world quilted. Mom and I had a baste-fest over at her house. She basted a quilt she’s hand quilting and I did my trip. It’s a hard thing, to baste two quilts while there are two children and two dogs (who don’t like each other) roaming around, but we did it.

I opted for a simple crosshatch, since I was going to be doing the quilting myself and my machine doesn’t have a big throat.

Scrappy Trip by Tension Issues

You’d be amazed (or maybe not) if I told you how long I hemmed and hawed over whether I wanted the lines to intersect in the middle of the squares or at the seams. I went for in the seams because I like the way the quilting kind of makes it look like quarter square triangles.

I bound it in a kind of wavy stripe from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom line. I’m not really sure if I like it. I kind of feel like I should’ve picked something bolder to frame it, instead of something that blended in.

Scrappy Trip by Tension Issues

But it’s cool. I love it. It’s my first completed quilt for me. It’s actually the biggest quilt I’ve quilted, pieced and bound all by myself!


I really like the back. I used two rejected blocks. One was a bit muddled and the other was too checker board-y. I used some of the bigger pieces in my stash that I had no plans for, plus an old crib sheet of my daughter’s.


Aren’t those birdies cute? I saved that sheet forever (she’s six now) because I knew I wanted to use it in a quilt someday.

Scrappy Tripalong by tension issues

And here’s one more, me trying to take advantage of the natural quilt propping quality of the massive bush in front of my house. I bet if you zoomed in you can see two kids and a dog wondering what I’m doing.

Did you make a Scrappy Trip during the craze? Did you make two? I admit I’m thinking of another…



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2 responses to “My Scrappy Trip is quilted

  1. John DeWilde

    I like your use of available fabric instead of going and buying yards of fabric and then turn around and cut it into little pieces and then putting them back together again. I know, that’s crazy talk. I think it means more when you use pieces like Josie’s sheet. It reminds me of a crazy quilt or what your Great Great Grandmother Wood called “comforters”.

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