Sophia Carry-all + Notting Hill = Heaven

I have a confession to make.

I don’t care for the Weekender.

I know it’s the thing to make lately, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I may eventually end up making one, if i ever have the need for a big carry-on to go on a quilty vacation (QuiltCon ’15, crossing my fingers) but I just don’t need it right now.

I do, however, need purses. More purses. And I’ve had the Sophia Carry-all pattern for lord knows how long, but I’ve been intimidated. But when I see how quickly everyone knocks out the Weekender, I figure I should do it, since the patterns are so similar. I had fabric set aside for it already, but when I saw that Joel Dewberry’s latest line, Notting Hill, included home dec, I had to get some of that instead.

All-in-all, the bag took less than a week for me to make. Keep in mind, I have a two year old boy who is pretty much like every two year old boy, and a six year old daughter who keep me busy. Not to mention I’m easily distracted. But anyway, most of the time spent on this bag was spent cutting and ironing on interfacing. There’s a lot of interfacing. But the bag is very sturdy and structured.

So, here it is, my long coming Sophia Carry-all.

Sophia Carry-all by tensionissues

Isn’t it nice to look at?

Interior of Sophia Carry-all

Interior of Sophia Carry-all

It’s huge, isn’t it? This is pretty much what was in my purse before switching. I’m going to have to start carrying a book and a camera just to justify using this bag.

The fabric I used for the inside is Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelets and Patty Young’s Vintage Houndstooth from Textured Basics. The wallet is also from that line.

A Nicely Piped Corner

I think the piping is what scared me the most, but look at that corner! Good stuff. (This is the only perfect corner)

not so nice corner

The other three corners just did not want to come together so well, so I ended up hand-stitching them a bit.

handstitched lining

And I’m not certain this is what I was supposed to do with the lining, but it works. I was trying really hard to find a good review or construction pictures and I couldn’t. But this’ll do. Once the zipper is folded in place you can’t see the stitches. Oh, and that dark blue zipper? Yeah, it’s really hard to find double zip purse zippers. Joann had three colors and Hobby Lobby had one, and none in the right size.

So, yay! One more thing off of my list. I will be making this again for sure. It’d make a great diaper bag, with a laminate lining. And I’m thinking I want to try the QAYG method that so many people have used on their Weekenders.


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One response to “Sophia Carry-all + Notting Hill = Heaven

  1. kim

    i LOVE THAT (oops caps lock) purse. The piping turned out really nice and the details are gorgie.

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