If you follow any quilter on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the #scrappytripalong tag. Same for if you’re active on flickr (which I’m not, but really should be)

I resisted for a long time. Like, two whole days. But they looked so easy! People were starting and finishing in a matter of days. I gave in. I pulled fabric, and started. I think I made maybe three blocks the first day. I worked on it whenever I could, and in less than a month (which is really, really good for me) I had a queen sized quilt top.


I was snowing when I took that picture. My family stood at the window at laughed at me.


So I’m really, really pleased with this top. It’s very different, color-wise, than anything I’ve done before. I had a lot of brighter, bolder colors pulled, but I noticed I had a lot of soft colors in my stash that I didn’t have plans for, so I went with that. I’m hoping to quilt it myself, but I’m not sure my tiny machine can handle it. I’m thinking of straight lines and fmq, so I may do half on my machine and then the fmq on my mom’s, which has a bigger throat. I’m piecing together the back, using a couple of blocks that didn’t make the cut for the front. I’ve got the binding ordered and I need to get some batting. I’m determined to not let this top sit around unfinished.

If you’d like to join along, check out Lucy and Norman and this tutorial.

If you’d like to see more progress pictures from my quilt, check out my Instagram page.


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