Blue and Orange Plus Quilt

It is so hard making surprise quilts nowadays. At least, for someone like me, who is on facebook practically 24/7. I have a problem, I know.

So, my cousin is pregnant. Of course, mom and I wanted to make her a quilt. So I oh-so-sneakily asked her what her colors are.

Screenshot at 2012-12-09 22:03:01

And there you go. Not suspicious at all.

Mom and I had both been wanting to make a plus sign quilt for a while, so we quickly decided on that. Mom made an unplanned trip to St. Louis one weekend and picked up some cute fox and hedgehog fabric at Jackman’s.  We got some solids in orange and blue, and decided on some teal stripes for contrast.

Then we had a marathon sew-fest. I cut all of the fabric at my house, then brought that and my machine to her house to put it all together.

Mom and Henry

I brought my helper.

We laid a felt backed tablecloth on her dining room table, and laid it all out. When we finally had it right, I took a picture and loaded it on her computer so we could refer to it if (when) we messed up.

plus quilt laid out

Then I set my machine on one end of the table, mom set her machine on the other and off we went!

Mom piecing

It took us two days.

Wine was had.


I got tired. (Don’t ask me what I was thinking, wearing that bra.)

I got tired

And here it is!

Blue and Orange Plus Sign Quilt Top

And here it is all quilted and bound. (With my helper, of course. He got all excited when I got the camera out.)
I did all the quilting and I should mention that I did most of the binding with a severely injured right index finger.
I shut my finger in a car door, and it was bad enough to go to the ER. I split the nail almost all the way across. I’ll
spare you the pictures.

Blue and Orange Plus Quilt

And I’m particularly proud of the back. I think it’s pretty awesome.

Blue and Orange Plus Back

I was finally able to give it to my cousin at her baby shower! Here she is, with her mother-in-law checking it out.

Baby Beck's quilt

So there it is! Caitie, I hope you like it and that Baby Beck gets many years of use from it.



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3 responses to “Blue and Orange Plus Quilt

  1. Ivy

    Great story! And awesome quilt! Thanks for sharing, Melissa :)

  2. wow!!! it is beautiful!! congrats to all…and merry christmas!

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