Star Block Bee!! (EDIT, We’re full! Thanks everyone!)

I’ve been wanting to do a bee for a long time, but I haven’t joined one since most require you to send at least a FQ to all of the participants. I’m on a poverty-imposed fabric diet, so that’s not doable for me. That’s why I’m organizing my own.

Here’s what’s up.

12 spots. Ten, actually, one is taken, one is me.

Each participant will choose up to four colors. The blocks for that person will be in their chosen colors. Background, if necessary, should be white. Everyone has white, right?

The blocks can be most any size, from 6 inches to 24.

Along with each participants colors, they can specify no pastel, no batiks, preferred fabrics, etc. But don’t be too picky.

After we have all twelve quilters I’ll email everyone to get your colors, addresses, and I’ll assign your month.

We’ll start in November!

Am I missing anything? This is my first bee.

US only, please. Sorry.

Oh, and I’ll start a flickr group too.

Check out all of the Star possibilities on pinterest!

I’m excited!



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18 responses to “Star Block Bee!! (EDIT, We’re full! Thanks everyone!)

  1. I would like a spot in your bee!

  2. Kathy Schwager

    I’d love to be part of the bee!

  3. Ronna

    I haven’t done Bee’s in so long..Would love to sign up.

  4. Arlene D

    Your mom is in.

  5. So, we’d make a block for each in their chosen color/style of fabric? Any particular star? Can I play??

  6. Sandra Leigh

    I would like to join, also. But I have never done one and I need more of the ‘rules’, or how it works. Is it like this: each month the one member who is ‘it’ receives one block from the rest of us in her colors? Does the person who is ‘it’ get to pick a pattern that we all do? What else do I need to know about your bee? Thanks. Sandra.

    • Yup, each month we all send one block to whomever is ‘it’ that month. And for a bit of a change, instead of the everyone picking a block and getting a bunch of the same blocks we’ll just send whatever star block we want. So you can choose to make a different block for each person or the same for everyone.

      When everyone is signed up I’ll get colors, preferences, addresses, etc, and then assign everyone a month. I’ll send out a reminder email each month. Anything else?

  7. Charmain Admiral

    I’d like a spot in your star block bee.

  8. I’m in! I love making stars, love Bees, and need to use my scraps and stash.

  9. Samantha

    Would love to join this! I’ll have to buy some white though!!

  10. Charmain Admiral

    I’d like to enter.

  11. Dana

    I’m interested as well. I haven’t ever done a bee, so I was concerned that I had to do all twelve blocks at once! That would be hard with the holidays coming, but I think I can handle one a month. Please include me if you still have availability.

  12. Val Smith

    I am interested. Is this like a block swap? I have never done one via mail

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