My back! Oh, my back!

I have a quilting injury. Well, I have a bad back to begin with, but I also am 5 foot 10 and have to cut bent over my bed. So when I decided to cut some triangles (the ones that are the same on each side. I’m on vicodin, cut me some slack.) I had to do some interesting maneuvering. And I hurt myself. Then my daughter hug tackled me off of her bed and it got hurt some more. So today I got to tell a nurse that I hurt my back quilting.

Which really sucks, because I have a bunch of stuff I want to do.

So, that’s half the reason I haven’t been posting. The other is that I’m really bad at being consistent and that I have two kids are are consistently bugging me. Cause that’s what kids do. But the oldest goes to kindergarten this coming week! So all I have to contend with this the crazy, fearless, two year old boy. Yeah…

I don’t know what this post was about. Like I said, powerful painkillers. That’s my excuse.

Here’s a picture of something you can buy at my store.



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