I love pinterest. If I spent more time sewing and less time pinning I’d probably be able to do all of the things I’ve pinned.

I’ve done a few. One was S’mores cookies. I ate them all. Three other people in my house, and I ate all the cookies. I also did breakfast boats and butternut squash pasta. It’s a shame I’m not required to sew for my family every day. But I have done two things that I’ve pinned onto my ”Could be Quilts” board. The first was something from MOMA’s website.

And this is what I made:

Nevermind the bad cellphone picture. Or the husband behind it. Or the scorch mark from ironing. I still like it.

Next is something that I found on the website It’s one of those deal-a-day websites, but it’s all super cool design stuff. I would love to buy most of it, but I signed up just to get sewing ideas.

I have no idea who the artist is, since it didn’t say.

Aaaaand, here’s what I made

You see that seam down the middle? That’s why I love modern quilting. I messed up on one of the middle teal bits and so I just cut it out and sewed the two pieces together. Tee hee. I like it. I’m hoping it looks a bit less scrunchy once I wash it. I should’ve used my walking foot. But I really like the quilting I did. I just used gray polyester thread (a no-no) cause it’s what was on my machine.

So, there you go. I am doing stuff. I’m just not blogging.


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