Oh, what a difference a shelf makes

I haven’t been sewing much lately. I’ve been overwhelmed by this:

This is where I sew. Since we live in a tiny two bedroom apartment, and have two kids and no dining room (which I understand is the traditional sewing room for people who don’t have  a sewing room) I set up this desk in my room, next to my bed.

The slab of countertop under the purple cutting mat is what I lay on the bed and then cut on top of.

It’s a mess.

I needed to do something about it.

I enlisted the help of my mother, a woman who garage sales into November. I asked her if she could keep her eyes open for a bookshelf for me. She told me she had just the thing, in the garage. Score!

I wish I had taken a before picture of the shelf. It was a bookshelf made by my dad out of old barn wood. Kind of like this but a little more splintery. And not 575 dollars.

Anyway, it needed some paint. I painted it, slapped a piece of fabric on the back, because, duh… And I got this:


And turned the above disaster area into this!

Aaaahhhh…. Doesn’t that make you feel better? Look! You can see all of my books! (The sewing books, up on my new shelf, that is) All of my batting is in one place! I found my sewing caddy! I can reach my scrap bag! And you can’t tell, but the laundry basket is what I keep my UFOs in, and I organized them by urgency. Yay!!



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2 responses to “Oh, what a difference a shelf makes

  1. John DeWilde

    Your room never looked that neat when you were a kid. I’m still butt-hurt about painting the wood. Oh well. (Dad)

  2. John DeWilde

    Good use of vertical space.. Way to go Mel!

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