My very first quilt is almost finally done!

When I got into quilting, about three years ago, it was really mostly because I needed something to do with all of the fabric I couldn’t resist buying. My mom was a quilter and when my family moved in with my parents, I started going to fabric stores with her. I just could not help buying some. I told myself I’d make a bag or something. But I never did, and my small stash grew. So I finally said, ”Fine! I’ll make a quilt for Josie!” I had resisted quilting for a long time because, to me, it was an old lady hobby. Even after completing that first top (which I’ll show you in a minute, patience!) I didn’t do much else because I hadn’t yet stumbled on the world of modern quilting.

So, I found a pattern, didn’t really follow it, bought more fabric, cut, sewed, cut, sewed, unsewed, sewed and sewed. It felt like it took me forever. I found a great backing fabric by moda on sale. I had my batting. All I had to do was sandwich that sucker together and quilt it.

It sat in my mom’s closet. My family moved out, I had another baby, and there it sat.

Last month, my mom said that she’d pay someone to quilt it. Squee! So we took it to quilt guilt, gave it up, and one month later, I have it back! I didn’t really know what kind of quilting I wanted on it, so I left it up to Shirley, the quilter. She choose to do an all-over stipple, which I’m just fine with. I’m a fan of the stipple.

So here it is! My first quilt.


Nothing fancy, but Josie loves it, and isn’t that what matters?

Almost immediately she asked if she could sleep with it. So I let her…

Seriously, would you have said no?


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One response to “My very first quilt is almost finally done!

  1. Oh that came out so pretty! Yay that you got it finished, I certainly know how that goes, ha ha.
    Of course… I uhhh… actually DIDN’T let mine sleep with his. Yet. :) I don’t want it to get all… used and stuff (or something) till he gets his new room. I’m cruel, I know.

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